Digital Trigger: Welcome to the Future

The saga of the 3rd safety position continues, with Digitrigger announcing their new hybrid digital and mechanical system.

They’ve got two announcement videos, one with lots of content and one with lots of shooting, but here’s the core concept of the setup:

Your safe is still safe, your semi is still a strictly mechanical milspec trigger pull, but your third safety position puts the trigger into digital mode. In digital mode, the grip safety must be engaged, and the trigger pull is ~1lb with no take up. You can also set the digital mode to a “shot on pull” and “shot on release” mode. Continue reading “Digital Trigger: Welcome to the Future”

Norinco Type 81 Classified as Non-Restricted

Type-81 Non-Restricted Canada

A new red rifle rears its head over the Canadian wilderness. The Chinese Type 81, after years in the RCMP inspection lab, has been assigned an FRT and is going to be imported in restricted and non-restricted barrel lengths. FRT #160486

Like the Vz58, the Type 81 is chambered in 7.62×39 and might resemble a Kalashnikov from a few hundred meters away. But this hybrid rifle is actually closer to the venerated SKS than the quintessential AK, and as a result has been deemed not a variant of any currently prohibited rifles.

Type 81 Folding Stock Canada
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Akdal MKA 1919 Reclassified From Restricted to Non-restricted

The RCMP just reclassified the Akdal Mka 1919 from Restricted to Non-restricted! That’s right, the FRT has been updated and this mag fed shotgun is officially no longer an AR-15 variant. I can’t wait to take mine out into the bush and celebrate.

I was wondering how my shotgun would be affected with the announcement back in December that the Derya Mk10 was non-restricted. The Akdal is almost identical to the Derya, but was listed as an AR variant for the last several years. Here’s my video review after a few seasons of 3-Gun.

Now, when you check the legal notes in the FRT database relating to the Mka 1919 you see the following: Continue reading “Akdal MKA 1919 Reclassified From Restricted to Non-restricted”

The Coolest Guns in Canada are Coming out of Turkey Right Now

I’m a big fan of shotguns. I’ve got a soft spot for guns that feed from box magazines.

A flurry of announcements yesterday solidified for me the idea that’s been floating around for years: all of the coolest shotguns in this country and coming out of Turkey right now. They’re doing things that no one else is, making them at an affordable price, and exporting them.

The big reveal is that the RCMP has ruled several versions of the Uzkon BR99 to be non-restricted. Expect to see guns from Trigger Wholesale, O’Dell Engineering, and Corwin Arms all coming out in 2016.

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The Cz958: Continuing the Czech Tradition in Canada

I spent a month trialing the new Cz958 before returning it to Wolverine last month. This new rifle is the spiritual successor to the Cz88 and offers some interesting upgrades.

This new rifle is a joint project between Wolverine Supplies in Virden Manitoba and Česká zbrojovka in the city of Uherský Brod, Czech Republic. With two major additions, they’ve improved the rifle and tailored its design to Canadian law.

The biggest addition is a complete top rail that removes the old dust cover, ejection port, and rear sight block.

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Hands-On With ATRS Modern Hunter: Non-Restricted!

ATRS Modern Hunter

The Modern Hunter is a new creation from Alberta Tactical Rifle. While externally it may resemble an AR10, this is actually a non-restricted firearm. You can see my hands on with it below…

This rifle is magazine fed, uses the direct impingement gas system, and features a rotating locking bolt that recoils on a buffer and spring system. If you described that to an experienced shooter they’d say you’re talking about an AR-15.

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M2HB Reclassified by RCMP: Developing Story

Update: It seems that the firearms from Canada Arsenals Limited are stamped as such.

If anyone has a firearm stamped with CAL or Canada Arsenals Limited on any component of their M2HB: I would love to hear from you.

It seems possible at this point that the new FRT may be been issued to a recent test import, and that there are no current Canadian owners of this converted auto.

Disappointing news if you were on a pre-order list, but perhaps not the reclassification we feared affecting guns already in the safe.

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When a Handgun Isn’t a Handgun: The Vz58 Pistol RCMP Report

Vz58 Pistol from RCMP Inspection Report

In October 2013, with the help of, I imported a CSA Vz58 pistol and sought to register it with the RCMP.

After emails, phone-calls, and picture taking, the RCMP seemed totally befuddled as to what we had, and asked if they could take a look at it.

We sent it off, and 9 months later they claim to have figured it out.

I’ve attached a copy of the RCMP’s final report, warts and all:

Vz58 Handgun Inspection Report.pdf

I am disappointed to find that against all evidence, the RCMP has sought to shut out the Vz58 pistol.

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