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A gathering for my coverage of some of our messier issues including magazine capacity, registration, and reclassifications.

M2HB Reclassified by RCMP: Developing Story

Update: It seems that the firearms from Canada Arsenals Limited are stamped as such.

If anyone has a firearm stamped with CAL or Canada Arsenals Limited on any component of their M2HB: I would love to hear from you.

It seems possible at this point that the new FRT may be been issued to a recent test import, and that there are no current Canadian owners of this converted auto.

Disappointing news if you were on a pre-order list, but perhaps not the reclassification we feared affecting guns already in the safe.

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Vz58 Pistol from RCMP Inspection Report

When a Handgun Isn’t a Handgun: The Vz58 Pistol RCMP Report

In October 2013, with the help of, I imported a CSA Vz58 pistol and sought to register it with the RCMP.

After emails, phone-calls, and picture taking, the RCMP seemed totally befuddled as to what we had, and asked if they could take a look at it.

We sent it off, and 9 months later they claim to have figured it out.

I’ve attached a copy of the RCMP’s final report, warts and all:

Vz58 Handgun Inspection Report.pdf

I am disappointed to find that against all evidence, the RCMP has sought to shut out the Vz58 pistol.

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Swiss Arms Classic Green RCMP Complete Report PDF

Swiss Arms Classic Green: Full RCMP Report

Now that a basic amnesty is in place and a new Common Sense Firearms Act is in its infancy, the RCMP have responded to a Freedom of Information Request by reddit user Adipose Fin and published over 200 pages of information relating to their investigation and reclassification of the SAN rifles.

Both William Etter and Murray A. Smith from the RCMP have documents in the report, which paint a picture of their investigations into the history of SAN and how the initial import of Classic Green rifles happened. There are also details from the request to investigate, although they are marginally redacted.

The conclusion is quite damning. As we’ve heard before:

“Physical inspection of the sample “genuine” Classic Green rifles and “bogus” Classic Green rifles revealed no significant differences and established both kinds of rifles as following the SG550 design, and not the SG540 design.”

If you’re looking for the full text, complete with historical articles from US publications, internal SAN documents, and an entire distributor catalog, you can find it right here:

RCMP Full Swiss Arms Classic Green Investigation


RCMP Briefing to the Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney

The RCMP’s briefing to the Public Safety Minister regarding the Swiss Arms reclassification has been retrieved and published by the CBC. There is a particularly interesting segment of “strategic considerations.” I would encourage all Canadian gun owners to read this document carefully, as it is at least one of the documents that led to this decision. Note some of the key names have been redacted, but little else.




Swiss Arms and Cz858 Amnesty

Swiss Arms and Cz858 Amnesty Detailed

As part of the ongoing reclassification reaction, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney had mentioned a 5 year amnesty during question period. He promised that no charges would be laid against law abiding gun owners, and that action would be taken to make sure this could not happen again.

Documentation is finally circulating, and the amnesty is officially in-effect. I am attaching the details here:

Swiss Arms and Cz858 Amnesty.pdf

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Cz858 Prohibited by RCMP

The latest updates seem to indicate that as of 3 pm March 2nd 2014 some specific variants of the Cz858 have been reclassified from the RCMP from Non-restricted and Restricted statuses to Prohibited.

These select models have been labeled as “converted automatics`by the RCMP, meaning that the original receiver of the firearm was a fully automatic rifle. They have been prohibited because of this, and the RCMP claims that they can be easily converted to fire full-auto.
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Swiss Arms Reclassified

Swiss Arms Rifles Reclassified to Prohibited Status

You may recall last June I posted a number of RCMP emails regarding the confusion surrounding the Swiss Arms. You can read the original emails here.

There as been an update this week, which is still developing as I write this. It seems that all semi-auto variants of the Swiss Arms rifles have been reclassified to prohibited status. But the “why” is interesting here.

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Swiss Arms in Canada: The Full Story

Update #2: With the amnesty now in force, the full RCMP report has been made available to the public. A freedom of information request was fulfilled on August 5th 2014. All 200+ pages can be downloaded here:

Update #1: This story was initially published in June 2013. Now, in February 2014 it seems that the Swiss Arms have been Reclassified

Many thanks to Steve Janes for helping me write this article. While I am not a SAN owner: he is, and one of the most passionate SAN owners I’ve ever met. A substantial part of the resources required to put this together came from him. We will address 3 main questions regarding the Swiss Arms Rifles in Canada:

1. Where are we now?

2. How did we get here?

3. Where are we going?

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The Importance of .50 Beowulf Magazines

This is important to anyone facing a magazine ban in the foreseeable future.

This is about how Canadian AR15 owners have tripled their magazine capacity under a ban.

Canada has had a limit on magazine capacities since 1995 when a Liberal majority government instituted a federal firearms registry. Since then Canadian gun owners have been trying to claw back their rights, and this is one of our success stories.

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