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I’m always interested in something unusual. Regardless of the hemisphere its manufactured in. Here you’ll find Czech, Chinese, and Chilean rifles just to name a few.

The Cz958: Continuing the Czech Tradition in Canada

I spent a month trialing the new Cz958 before returning it to Wolverine last month. This new rifle is the spiritual successor to the Cz88 and offers some interesting upgrades.

This new rifle is a joint project between Wolverine Supplies in Virden Manitoba and Česká zbrojovka in the city of Uherský Brod, Czech Republic. With two major additions, they’ve improved the rifle and tailored its design to Canadian law.

The biggest addition is a complete top rail that removes the old dust cover, ejection port, and rear sight block.

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Cz858 Prohibited by RCMP

The latest updates seem to indicate that as of 3 pm March 2nd 2014 some specific variants of the Cz858 have been reclassified from the RCMP from Non-restricted and Restricted statuses to Prohibited.

These select models have been labeled as “converted automatics`by the RCMP, meaning that the original receiver of the firearm was a fully automatic rifle. They have been prohibited because of this, and the RCMP claims that they can be easily converted to fire full-auto.
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Swiss Arms Reclassified

Swiss Arms Rifles Reclassified to Prohibited Status

You may recall last June I posted a number of RCMP emails regarding the confusion surrounding the Swiss Arms. You can read the original emails here.

There as been an update this week, which is still developing as I write this. It seems that all semi-auto variants of the Swiss Arms rifles have been reclassified to prohibited status. But the “why” is interesting here.

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What is the T97?


It is a .223 bullpup with a 19” barrel that uses a short stroke gas piston and a rotating bolt, along with a reciprocating charging handle. At its core, the Type 97 is a civilian version of the Chinese QBZ-95 rifle; standard issue to the Peoples Liberation Army.

With a retail price just under a $1000, the T97 is the robust, capable black-rifle that any Canadian can afford to own and shoot, despite our flawed firearms legislation.

This is the latest version, imported by North Sylva as the T97NSR, manufactured by EMI (aka Norinco) in the People’s Republic of China.

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FAMAE Family of Firearms: From the SAF Mini to the SG 542

FAMAE Family of firearmsThe FAMAE Firearms Family is a product of the Chilean state-owned manufacturing company Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército and the Swiss Arms company, formerly Sig Sauer. The Chileans have licensed the original Sig540 design to outfit their armed forces.

This platform from the 1970s has been adapted into many variants with specific weapons for military and police use. They cover every base: large 7.62×51 designated marksman rifles, solid 5.56 assault rifles, short barrelled paratrooper carbines, 9mm sub-machine guns, snub-nosed personal defense weapons, and even police-specific options chambered for the World War II .30 carbine round.

Some of the semi-auto variants are exported to Canada, where they find a welcome home in the gun-starved north.

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Vz58 Ambidextrous Magazine Release

For those of you who remember: we started getting seeing these new Vz58 releases in Canada late last year as an alternative to the “flat paddle” design that came out of Czech republic.

I’ve spent a few months using this ambidextrous magazine release, a factory magazine release, and an extended magazine release from NEA.

The ambi-release is far and away my favourite method when it comes to reloading the Vz58 platform.

I’d consider this to be one of the least cosmetic upgrades to the Cz858/Vz58 platform. Definitely changes the mechanics for the better!

A short list of upgrades on this rifle:

Fab-Defense pistol grip, Czech military muzzle brake, Fiber optic front and rear sights, the mag release and 7.62 magpuls on all the magazines. Throw a blue force gear sling on there and she’s ready for the woods!

Swiss Arms in Canada: The Full Story

Update #2: With the amnesty now in force, the full RCMP report has been made available to the public. A freedom of information request was fulfilled on August 5th 2014. All 200+ pages can be downloaded here:

Update #1: This story was initially published in June 2013. Now, in February 2014 it seems that the Swiss Arms have been Reclassified

Many thanks to Steve Janes for helping me write this article. While I am not a SAN owner: he is, and one of the most passionate SAN owners I’ve ever met. A substantial part of the resources required to put this together came from him. We will address 3 main questions regarding the Swiss Arms Rifles in Canada:

1. Where are we now?

2. How did we get here?

3. Where are we going?

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Speed Loads Through a Vz 58 or Cz 858

Unlike most of the Kalashnikov variants, the Vz58 has a bolt hold open and can be reloaded from stripper clips like an SKS.

These rifles are one of the most popular non-restricted sporting carbines in Canada. I thought my Tavor covered all the bases, but when I asked a friend at the range if I should look into one for myself here’s what he said:  Continue reading Speed Loads Through a Vz 58 or Cz 858