Akdal MKA 1919 Reclassified From Restricted to Non-restricted

The RCMP just reclassified the Akdal Mka 1919 from Restricted to Non-restricted! That’s right, the FRT has been updated and this mag fed shotgun is officially no longer an AR-15 variant. I can’t wait to take mine out into the bush and celebrate.

I was wondering how my shotgun would be affected with the announcement back in December that the Derya Mk10 was non-restricted. The Akdal is almost identical to the Derya, but was listed as an AR variant for the last several years. Here’s my video review after a few seasons of 3-Gun.

Now, when you check the legal notes in the FRT database relating to the Mka 1919 you see the following: Continue reading “Akdal MKA 1919 Reclassified From Restricted to Non-restricted”

[Shot Show 2016] What’s Coming from Robinson Arms

Say what you want about Alex Robinson, his company has done great work for Canadian gun owners. No other manufacturer has been so willing to address the specifics of Canadian law when it comes to barrel lengths, pistol magazines, and getting guns exported to us. In fact, I’ll have a feature in the Canadian Firearms Journal this summer taking a look at various companies trying to make firearms that fit our needs.

At Shot Show this year, the XCR rifles saw another stage in their continuing evolution. The big step for Canadians will be the extended forearm options.

Lime Green XCR Extended Handguard

When your barrel has to be 18.5″ long, it’s easy to get that too long look and feel with shorter handguards. The extended models Robinson is featuring offer an improved sight radius, and keymod accessory mounting.

Keymod is a big deal at Robinson Arms these days, and I can see why. One of the initial concerns regarding early XCR rifles was the forward weight, particularly with the Canadian length barrel. 2015 saw the release of light profile XCR barrels, and substantially lightened Keymod handguards. With the extended handguard arriving in 2016, Keymod is a crucial part of keeping the weight and balance from shifting too far.

The XCR is a rifle platform that’s continually evolving. Particularly if you compare the flashy lime green rifle I snapped at Shot to the original design. Stocks, controls, bolts, gas system, and recievers have all improved in subsequent iterations. I mean, just look at the original. It’s almost unrecognizable from what you see at the top of this page.

That continual forward progression is what keeps me interested in the XCR. We’ll see if 2016 is finally the year I jump on board and start shooting one.

[Shot Show 2016] New Fab Defense Vz58 Polymer Magazine

This year touring around the Las Vegas show floor, I was on the look out for small things with big Canadian implications. As much as I love the X95, the MDR, and other “big launches” I know it will be quite some time before we see those guns become a reality here in Canada.

But small things can make all the difference to revitalizing an existing platform. And this one got my jimmies rustled:

Fab Defense finally launched a Vz58 magazine.

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The Fab Defense 10/22 Chassis: Embracing Rimfire

After years of essentially ignoring rimfire firearms, about halfway through 2015 I found myself coming around to the idea of a cheap plentiful round, and embraced more shooting for the sake of fun. Particularly in Canada where rimfire gets the double whammy of legal short barrels and regular magazine capacity. So I wound up with a little .22 Bersa handgun, and decided to put together a 10/22 rifle. I’d seen the various archangel stocks and things like that, but they didn’t quite grab me. Until the new Fab Defense stocks started showing up.

Part of why I like this stock on the 10/22 is that it’s not trying to convince me it’s an AR-15. I’ve seen lots of “tactical” rimfire stocks that just pay lipservice to black rifle aesthetics. I don’t care about that. I do care about a decent grip, an adjustable cheek riser, and a little bit of pic-rail.
Hence: I like this little guy. I wish they’d had the fixed stock version a little sooner, as I had to JB weld the folding mechanism on this one. Still worth it for what the American’s would call an SBR.

I’ll check the math again, but I’m pretty sure I’m safely under $600 for this lil guy.

That’s a factory standard receiver with an 11″ Dlask barrel and an HC3R mag I got from my secret sniper during the summer. Its a blast to shoot!

The Coolest Guns in Canada are Coming out of Turkey Right Now

I’m a big fan of shotguns. I’ve got a soft spot for guns that feed from box magazines.

A flurry of announcements yesterday solidified for me the idea that’s been floating around for years: all of the coolest shotguns in this country and coming out of Turkey right now. They’re doing things that no one else is, making them at an affordable price, and exporting them.

The big reveal is that the RCMP has ruled several versions of the Uzkon BR99 to be non-restricted. Expect to see guns from Trigger Wholesale, O’Dell Engineering, and Corwin Arms all coming out in 2016.

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The Colt Canada IUR: My Current Obsession

Just when I thought I didn’t need another AR-15 variant in the safe, the Colt Canada IUR goes on sale.

If you’re not familiar, Colt Canada was formerly Diemaco, and produces the light arms issued to the Canadian Forces. As a result, they make interesting milspec guns, and have done very little with civilian sales until 2015. Back in February they released the SA20 and SA15.7, which are semi-auto versions of the C7 and C8 rifles, along with a handful of IURs.


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IDF Tavor 1 on 1 After Action Review

Zahal Tavor Course AAR

This is an After Action Report written by Michael, who attended the course! I’ve published it in it’s entirety here with his permission. I’m far too closely tied to this project to offer an objective review of my own. Thanks Mike!

Nov 6-8, 2015
Calgary Shooting Center
Instructor: Lovie Malespin
Facilitator: Edward Osborne –TV PressPass
Zahal: Yoav Dotan
Prologue, Friday Evening.

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Running My First Carbine Course: Zahal, The Tavor, and IDF Instructor Lovie

This is not an AAR, or a review: I was intimately involved in making this course, not the guy taking it!

But it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m going to write about it anyways. This course was a long time coming, and it was immensely rewarding to finally see it come together.

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The New CDTSA Range in Milo Alberta

I’m doing a lot of my shooting here now. It’s a stellar facility, so I put together a quick feature looking at it:

I was lucky to scoop up a membership back in January and have spent most of the summer shooting at the new site! You can see CDTSA events and apply for membership on their website: http://www.cdtsa.ca/

3-Gun Shotgun Review: Akdal Mka 1919

I’ve been shooting this shotgun in 3-Gun matches for over a year now, and finally put all my thoughts together. It’s a solid system, despite being restricted, it’s a great way to get a familiar system in a shotgun. Which probably means I should be competing with an AR-15 instead of the Tavor if I want to share muscle memory! There are lots of parts and pieces for the MKA 1919, but I think I’ve hit on a successful combination…