IDF Tavor 1 on 1 After Action Review

Zahal Tavor Course AAR

This is an After Action Report written by Michael, who attended the course! I’ve published it in it’s entirety here with his permission. I’m far too closely tied to this project to offer an objective review of my own. Thanks Mike!

Nov 6-8, 2015
Calgary Shooting Center
Instructor: Lovie Malespin
Facilitator: Edward Osborne –TV PressPass
Zahal: Yoav Dotan
Prologue, Friday Evening.

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Running My First Carbine Course: Zahal, The Tavor, and IDF Instructor Lovie

This is not an AAR, or a review: I was intimately involved in making this course, not the guy taking it!

But it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m going to write about it anyways. This course was a long time coming, and it was immensely rewarding to finally see it come together.

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From the Kentucky Bullpup Shoot: the X95 Micro-Tavor

At the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Kentucky, IWI US presented a select fire version of the X95 Micro-Tavor for the public to try. It was a great event, and the rifle was a lot of fun. I’ve been drooling over the X95 for years, so it was a great opportunity to finally get my hands on the rifle and put some rounds down range. You can see the video below!

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MGM Ironman 2014 AAR: I Didn’t Die!

TV-PressPass MGM Ironman 2014 Zipline

I’m back! And finally decompressing from the amazing 3 Gun shoot that is the MGM Ironman. This was my first year at Ironman, and my second officiated 3 Gun shoot.

The short of it:

I’ve never run my guns so hard, experienced so much shooting stress, or had so much fun.

I find first person clips of entire stages are pretty boring if you’re not the guy who shot them, but here’s a highlight reel of some of the best moments from MGM Ironman 2014!

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Tavor TREx Rail Review

Through my years shooting the Tavor, many different people have suggested a six o’clock rail to be a great upgrade for the rifle. I like the factory hand-guard quite a bit. An integrated hand-stop, solid texturing, and natural angle are all good things as far as I’m concerned. But I can see the appeal in more rail space, especially when you start looking at bipods and wanting to plant yourself down on the ground. Continue reading “Tavor TREx Rail Review”

Vortex Razor HD GenII 1-6x Rifle Scope Review

I’ve used a lot of different powered optics, and spent some serious time with different low-power tactical-focused scopes. When Vortex announced the Razor HD Gen II 1-6x rifle-scope using Jerry Miculek’s JM-1 reticle, I was very interested. Having loved the Viper PST 1-4 scope on my Tavor, I was excited by the chance to upgrade my glass and power.

TAR-21 Sling Configurations: IWI Factory Sling, Urban E.R.T. and Single Point Slings

The newest version of this article is about updated slings on my CTAR-21 Tavor SBR.

This video is exclusively about slings on the TAR-21 and other bull-pups. Because the Tavor is non-restricted, I like to take it places beyond the case-car-range travel plan that handguns and ARs are largely stuck with. I examine three different options for retaining a Tavor on your body . . .  Continue reading “TAR-21 Sling Configurations: IWI Factory Sling, Urban E.R.T. and Single Point Slings”

Tavor TAR-21 and Magpul P-Mag compatibility

Now there’s some discussion over whether this is a real phenomenon or not. From what I could see, on my rifle, it seems quite likely that the rear profile of the polymer magpul p-mag is touching the bolt hold open device just enough to raise it and have it interact with the bolt even when the magazine has rounds in it.

I believe this to be the source of the jams and failure to feeds I experienced previously.