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TAC West 2018 – Wrap Up

Another One In The Books


Words By: Wally F.     Photos By: Wally F.


……….Early morning and I’m driving through a dense fog down a back country road towards a day of shooting.  This is how my TAC West experience started this year.

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Wolverine Supplies is Bringing Some New Hotness Back To An Oldie

Kodiak Defence WK180C Aiming To Cure Your Summer Time Blues

Words by: Wally F.          Photos by: Wally F.


……….In America in late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Armalite AR-18 design was powered off of a short-stroke gas piston system that allowed for a very compact build that had recoil springs in the receiver instead of in the butt stock. This allowed for folding stocks to shorten it’s overall length but still function properly. In 2003 ArmaLite introduced a model featuring a polymer lower receiver, this rifle the AR-180-B, accepted AR-15 trigger groups, magazine releases, and magazines. The AR-180-B received poor sales worldwide and wasn’t adopted readily, as a result in 2007 production was discontinued.

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Deep Into Trade Show Season

Canada’s First Shooting Sports & Tactical Show Is Good To Go

Words by: Wally F.          Photos by: TACCOM Canada


……….While most people in the firearms and related industries are gearing up for IWA in Nuremberg, Germany.  In typical understated Canadian fashion, folks up here in the true north strong and free are quietly launching our very own shooting sports and tactical tradeshow: TACCOM Canada.

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Inside the New Faculty – Canadian Coalition For Firearms Rights

A Conversation with Tracey Wilson VP of PR for the CCFR – Part 2.

Words by: Wally F.           Photos by: Shaun Arntsen, Tracey Wilson, and CCFR


……….Here’s is part two of my multi-part interview series with Tracey Wilson the Public Relations VP for the Canadian Coliation for Firearms Rights or the CCFR. Tracey and I talk about women in shooting sports, advocacy in Ottawa, and their new television show launching on Wild TV this fall.

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SHOT Show 2018 – “The New Ed”

SHOT Show 2018 Round Up

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Wally F.


……….SHOT Show, another one bites the dust again.  Even though I stepped into Edward O’s shoes last December for TV-PressPass to continue to deliver firearms news, reviews, and promoting shooting sports and outdoor gear from Canada and beyond, it hasn’t sunk in until now.

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A Farewell To Arms

You may have noticed this blog has been quiet. In fact, my youtube uploads, instagram posts, and truly all my trickling media outlets have run dry lately. There’s a good reason, and I’m afraid I’ve been putting off writing this particular post for months now.

You see, I’ve gotten rid of all my guns, and emigrated to Ireland. The good news is that the man who took my guns is also taking over this site.
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A Gun Guy Travels to Costa Rica

I took a vacation recently to Central America. I know what you’re thinking “You work in the gun industry TVPP, isn’t every day a vacation?

No. It flippin isn’t. Some days are awesome, other days are a pain in the ass, and it’s still nice to unplug every now and again.

So I went solo backpacking across Costa Rica, saw the capital, the Pacific coast, the cloud forests, volcanoes, and the Caribbean coast. It was a good time, and I’d go back again. Because I’m a work-a-holic, I also couldn’t resist visiting a gun shop, snapping some photos, and writing about the gear I used on the trail… Continue reading A Gun Guy Travels to Costa Rica

Norinco 10.5 SBR AR15

Snap Shot: 10.5″ Norinco AR-15

You might remember this little guy from an ultra-budget build I did back in February 2015. At the time the entire gun cost me just over $600.

Well I’ve still got it, and still shoot in on a regular basis. I’ve settled on a Meprolight optic, traded the A2 flash hider for a PWS brake, and removed the fancy Magpul ACS stock in favor of a matchy Magpul MOE stock.

I also bought my first M-Lok accessory for it, and found it to be a pain in the ass to install. I’m definitely a keymod person. The polymer-to-polymer connection of M-Lok was finicky.

Additionally with this rifle I’ve started using IMI .50 Beowulf magazines. I’ve been shooting .50 Beowulf mags for years now, and these are hands down the best I’ve used. They’re much stronger than some of the other .50 polymer magazines out there, and much better sized than the aluminum body mags I’ve used in the past. Definitely a keeper, and I’m glad I got a few.

I love this rifle because of it’s simplicity. It’s light, it’s handy, and it works. Even with the basic Meprolight red dot I can ring that 300 yard gong with consistency. I’d be curious to see how it handled a 10,000 round trial, but I’ve had no issues with it since I put it together. I feel like it works so darn well now that I’m naturally averse to any substantial changes. Firearms can be such a fluid thing for a hobbyist, always trying new concepts, new gear, or new platforms. But it’s nice to have a few guns in the safe that don’t change.

I still think that the most affordable way to get into the AR15 game is through a slow buy used gun. If you piece together the bits, you can take your time, watch for deals, and get a great gun for a great price. You don’t have to scour the internet and scrimp and save at every turn, but if you keep your eyes open and are patient, it pays off.

Snap Shot: Beginner Black Powder

I traded my Hatsan pump gun for a Pietta 1860 Army. Primarily because I’d just finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. If you haven’t read it, be warned: it is a bleak and violent story, with some very intense landscape descriptions. It was a stellar read. Easily my book of the year so far, and features ample use of black-powder weapons in the guerrilla warfare of mid-nineteenth century Mexico.

I may be born and raised around Calgary, but I’m no cowboy. I suddenly found myself curious about a family of firearms I’d never had interest in before. Not enough to spend several thousand dollars on a real antique, but curious enough to try a fully functioning replica of the original Colt.

This is a .44 caliber single action revolver that uses percussion caps and black powder to launch round-ball projectiles.

It’s a ton of fun.

It’s hands down the largest handgun I’ve ever owned. The 1860 Army essentially has a reloading press built into the frame of the gun. You pour powder, insert a ball, and then ram it into place using the lever under the barrel. Then when a cap is place on the nipple on the rear of the cylinder, and the hammer dropped, the whole thing kicks off to make a ton of smoke and put a round down range. The rear sight on this is actually built into the hammer, and consistently puts the rounds about 8″ high from the point of aim.

With any luck I’ll have a more detailed review for you in a few weeks.