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Hi! I try to be pretty approachable, and answer as many questions as come in. I also try to keep my videos short and sweet so you don’t get impatient or bored. But that means there’s lots of things I want to talk about that get left out! So if there’s anything I miss, please leave a comment on the blog or on youtube. Plus you can always find me behind the Facebook or Twitter links on the left.

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  • The T97 YouTube embed link on the T97 article is messed up.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Nothing like updating wordpress to break past work!

  • Jesse


    I was wondering if you know if its possible to lighten the trigger pull on Canadian Tavors. I just picked mine up last week and have noticed that the trigger pack is much different from the American version and doesn’t seem to have the same reset spring.

  • Luke

    Hi Edward,
    I’ve been contemplating the Tavor for a few years now. I’ve owned many handguns and long guns over the year but nothing quite as expensive or diverse as the tavor. All the reasons it makes sense for Canadians to own one I have adopted in my decision making to finally buy one.
    Probably just like yourself, I tend to do some solid research before buying anything in this price range. Especially when it is going to be the only gun I own, at this point. That being said, I came across your special two-tone tavor in many forums and videos and thought, I gotta look this guys up, I like how he sees things and his understanding of the platform.
    When I look at your tavor I see some interesting adjustments and modification that makes me wonder if they are okay for any non-restricted use. I noticed in one forum that you switched out the barrel to a shorted version. Is that something I could do myself, acquire in Canada and keep it non-restircted, or do I shorten it too much at that point?
    Secondly. I noticed that sometimes (or maybe all the time) you have the shorter top trail much like the original Israeli version.
    Where could one buy that short rail and is it hard to install/modify?
    Thirdly, you have a unique looking compact flashlight on your right side rail. Do you have details on that light?
    I appreciate your online resources and extensive commentary that is both informative and entertaining.
    Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.
    Much obliged.

    • Hey thanks for watching!

      A few things: The short barrels do make for a Restricted CTAR. You have to register it at that point.

      The short rail was originally done by MDT, and is excellent. They’re hard to find now though!

      The flashlight is an Inforce WPL light, and it works great for my uses.

  • Dayman

    Hey TV. Wondering when you might post your impressions of the new Tavor triggers. Been checking TFB daily. I value your opinion. Was gonna get in on a early buy for the Timney, but wonder what your thoughts were on the Geissele. May wait it out. Look forward to hearing what you thought after physically handling each of these prospects.

    • Fair enough man! I’ve been waiting for that story to go up too! I don’t want to spoil something TFB might be waiting on, but I’ll email you the content directly right now!

      • Dayman

        That is awesome man. Thanks alot. I eagerly await your email. Keep up the great work.

  • patrick

    Press Pass,
    Can you also please email me your thoughts on the two tavor triggers? I have been waiting on your review since Shot Show.

  • John

    If the RCMP don’t qualify this as a pistol , they have no justification for deeming a Dlask Arms 8.5 shotgun as a pistol with only the pistol grip on ! Then you can change back to non restriction with the addition of a buttstock . They’re the ones who set the precedent with their ruling .

    This refers to the VZ 58 Pistol of course .

  • lukas

    hey tv press pass i have heard a warranty center for iwi tavor exists in toronto have you heard anything?

    • Well, the warranty service in Canada is generally provided by the importer, North Sylva. I understand that they but a substantial bit of time and money into getting one of their armorers certified on the Tavor platform. They are also the primary source for parts this side of the border.

  • Dario Rossi

    Hi, where I can find the mimetic jacket that you wear at the start of this video ; thanks a lot.

    • That’s a Sitka stratus jacket from wholesale sports!