M2HB Reclassified by RCMP: Developing Story

Update: It seems that the firearms from Canada Arsenals Limited are stamped as such.

If anyone has a firearm stamped with CAL or Canada Arsenals Limited on any component of their M2HB: I would love to hear from you.

It seems possible at this point that the new FRT may be been issued to a recent test import, and that there are no current Canadian owners of this converted auto.

Disappointing news if you were on a pre-order list, but perhaps not the reclassification we feared affecting guns already in the safe.

Original Article: As of this morning (Oct 16th) I’ve been alerted that the RCMP has issued a new FRT for the M2HB. There are now two FRT’s in place for this firearm, one as a Non-Restricted Firearm, the other listed as Prohibited as a converted automatic.

I’ve intentionally avoided covering the Common Sense Firearms Act being tentatively put forward by the conservative government. Mostly because there’s constant rumour and barely more than a trickle of tedious information. Even now, the act might change from the version initially submitted my Minister Blaney to the house.

But the fact that the CSFA is starting to roll forward seems to have spurred several other things into motion. The mixed-judgement of my own Vz-58 pistol was particularly disappointing, but the RCMP re-examination of various magazines and firearms seems to continue. Dual-use has become a new phrase (not found anywhere in Canadian law) that is being used to prohibit particular devices. These specifics don’t relate to the M2HB, but bad news does seem to be coming in quick succession these days.

The next wave of RCMP reaction seems to have arrived.

TNW produces a semi-auto clone of the Browning M2 belt-fed machine gun. These fire a .50 BMG round and are expensive.

There are now two FRT’s for these rifles:

64203 the original TNW remains non-restricted. However, notes have been updated to describe all 5 sides of the receiver are newly manufactured.

148947 is a new entry specific to TNW and Canada Arsenals Limited. Apparently one of the 5 walls of the receiver in these models is modified from an original machine-gun. These rifles are prohibited.

Of course, it seems difficult for current owners of M2HB’s to determine whether their walled receiver is brand new, or possibly a retro fit. As of right now, these rifles are unregistered and their owners have not been alerted.

I’ll post more here as I learn more. In the mean time, you can find screenshots of the FRT database below…

64203 - Canadian Law Comments 64203 - Main Screen 64203 - Remarks


And now, the new entries:

148947 - Main Screen 148947 - Remarks 148947 -Canadian Law Comments 148947 -Other Markings

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  • Kevin

    Unacceptable. This underhanded BS has to stop. Thank you for posting up on this TVPP.

  • deChelca

    I really couldn’t care less about owning a gun like this. I mean, it’d be cool to shoot and all, but really, it has no purpose. Whatever.
    What really bothers me is the arbitrary reclassification of firearms by the RCMP without input from the public, Parliament, owners, or anybody. THAT is unacceptable.

    • Jobbo_Fett

      None of your guns serve a purpose by that logic. In fact, purpose has no purpose in this discussion. Let’s focus on stopping these ridiculous changes, rather than bicker over what firearm should be used for what activity.

    • Tony

      This is about civic rights of ownership rather than purpose. There’s no real purpose to owning a lamborghini and yet we all have that right. If we start to divide on this subject then they win because that’s exactly why they’re picking at these types of firearms, to divide our community. Unified we can win, divided we will fall.

  • MrDoodler

    This converted auto crap has gotta stop. If it’s permanently made semi-auto, it’s a semi-auto.

  • Eric Ripper

    ” We are RCMP hear us roar” ? Really?

  • Alex Kourany

    Ummmm I thought the RCMP couldn’t do this any more because of this:


    • Mike Webster

      They can’t – once the bill is passed – which takes time to go through first reading, committee and second reading, third reading, repeat all three in the senate and then royal assent.