Glock Announces G19X Compact Crossover

Surprised But Not Surprised?

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Various Internet Sources

……….A new year brings a new… wait old… wait not yet released, but suspiciously leaked info of a Glock from the autumn of 2017.  Glock has dropped a press release of their first cross-over pistol.  Kind of like the Volvo XC90 or Subaru Forrester of the gun world.  Press release below:

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Inside the New Faculty – Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights

A Conversation with Tracey Wilson VP of PR for the CCFR – Part 1.

Words by: Wally F.     Photos by: CCFR, Tracey Wilson, and Shaun Arntsen


……….I recently had the great pleasure of having an extended conversation with Tracey Wilson. Tracey is the Vice President of Public Relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights or CCFR for short. The CCFR is an organization dedicated to giving Canadian firearms owners a voice in government and advocating for responsible and reasonable legislation for law abiding owners to continue to hunt, compete, and training in shooting sports.

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NHAA Agent1 1911 – Follow Up

Easy To Digest

Words by: Wally F.     Photos by: Wally F.
           Here are a few more photos of the number “8” Canadian Agent1 pistol. After a day or so of digesting the photos and shooting it I think I appreciate the details in the build even more. The elegance is in its simplicity. It’s not over engineered. The thumb safety is just on the left side only, no ambi-controls. The magazine release is a regular sized cylinder with a basic checkered cut on top and protruding just enough for positive engagement when you need to use it.

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First Impressions – Hands on with the Nighthawk Customs Agency Arms Agent1 Pistol

“…As soon as I saw this gun, first impressions the slide cuts, the serrations, the ergonomics, everything.” – Happy Canuck

Words by: Wally F.     Photos by: Wally F.


I had the opportunity to spend several hours handling and truly gawking at the first Canadian edition of the Nighthawk Customs – Agency Arms Agent1 1911 pistol in the private hands of a friend of mine who is an avid shooter.  He works in the gun industry in Canada and I’m dubbing him Happy Canuck.  He is just that, a very happy Canadian in possession of a very rare, well thought out, and elegantly designed pistol.

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A Farewell To Arms

You may have noticed this blog has been quiet. In fact, my youtube uploads, instagram posts, and truly all my trickling media outlets have run dry lately. There’s a good reason, and I’m afraid I’ve been putting off writing this particular post for months now.

You see, I’ve gotten rid of all my guns, and emigrated to Ireland. The good news is that the man who took my guns is also taking over this site.
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TFBTV: Colt Canada Interview and Comparison with Wally F

Since Colt Canada began releasing firearms to the civilian market, there has been a massive amount of interest in the rifles. Different variants, limited runs, milspec parts all feed into the flurry of excitement.

I managed to get my mitts on one of the Sa20 clones, and we had a sit down with Wally F, a Canadian Forces infantryman to talk about the differences between this and his work rifle.

This is one of the longest videos I’ve ever done, and I’m actually super happy with how the back and forth went on camera. I’m used to running off a mental script, and then cutting later, so doing things on the fly like this was a little new.

TFBTV: The IWI Jericho 941 Review

I’ve been shooting the Jericho for years. In fact I’ve got two! But this is my first ever video with one. I’ve got more time with this handgun than any other, and clearly I like it a lot.

It only took a few thousand rounds for me to start feeling proficient with mine and to really understand the firearm. That’s part of why I try to review guns I’ve had for an extended period of time. I like getting the newest, shiniest thing and posting about it, but it also bothers me when I don’t have a full range of experiences with a firearm. Definitely not the issue here.

Also fun to throw in some Cowboy Bebop jokes and watch the fans go wild. I wish I had more pop culture references in the tank for future shows.

Preview: Fab Defense K-POS Carbine Kit for the Jericho 941

I like the idea of a 9mm carbine. But when you look at the FAMAE SAF, the Kriss Vector, or a dedicated 9mm AR-15, the cost is high, and your use is low. There’s very little sub-gun competition in Canada, nothing in the way of courses, and you can’t take the damn things hunting. But still: I want one. It’s a concept that I can get behind.

For $500, the KPOS is a bridge. You fit your existing handgun (in my case a Jericho 941) into the chassis and bam: folding stock, optics rails, sling mounts. You’ve got a mini sub-gun.

The whole assembly is tool-less. You slide the KPOS over your pistol’s accesorry rail, rock it into the chassis, and then close the stock behind it. I wouldn’t say it’s something you can do at the drop of a hat, but 5 min quiet is all your need to get it in or out of the chassis.


I’m still just starting to tinker with this setup, but expect to see a full video on TFBTV soon. I have to mention how damn impressed I was with the initial presentation though. The case the KPOS ships in is very well laid out, and this really is a kit. Your sling, mag pouches, folding BUIS, and vertical grip are already included.


Its worth noting that in the USA this would be an NFA item: instant SBR stamp. But in Canada a hand-gun is always a hand-gun, so the certificate doesn’t change when I put a stock on it. Which is great, because while Fab does make an “arm brace” version of this kit, I can’t imagine having to actually shoot it that way.