From the Kentucky Bullpup Shoot: the X95 Micro-Tavor

At the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Kentucky, IWI US presented a select fire version of the X95 Micro-Tavor for the public to try. It was a great event, and the rifle was a lot of fun. I’ve been drooling over the X95 for years, so it was a great opportunity to finally get my hands on the rifle and put some rounds down range. You can see the video below!

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M2HB Reclassified by RCMP: Developing Story

Update: It seems that the firearms from Canada Arsenals Limited are stamped as such.

If anyone has a firearm stamped with CAL or Canada Arsenals Limited on any component of their M2HB: I would love to hear from you.

It seems possible at this point that the new FRT may be been issued to a recent test import, and that there are no current Canadian owners of this converted auto.

Disappointing news if you were on a pre-order list, but perhaps not the reclassification we feared affecting guns already in the safe.

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Vz58 Pistol from RCMP Inspection Report

When a Handgun Isn’t a Handgun: The Vz58 Pistol RCMP Report

In October 2013, with the help of, I imported a CSA Vz58 pistol and sought to register it with the RCMP.

After emails, phone-calls, and picture taking, the RCMP seemed totally befuddled as to what we had, and asked if they could take a look at it.

We sent it off, and 9 months later they claim to have figured it out.

I’ve attached a copy of the RCMP’s final report, warts and all:

Vz58 Handgun Inspection Report.pdf

I am disappointed to find that against all evidence, the RCMP has sought to shut out the Vz58 pistol.

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Swiss Arms Classic Green RCMP Complete Report PDF

Swiss Arms Classic Green: Full RCMP Report

Now that a basic amnesty is in place and a new Common Sense Firearms Act is in its infancy, the RCMP have responded to a Freedom of Information Request by reddit user Adipose Fin and published over 200 pages of information relating to their investigation and reclassification of the SAN rifles.

Both William Etter and Murray A. Smith from the RCMP have documents in the report, which paint a picture of their investigations into the history of SAN and how the initial import of Classic Green rifles happened. There are also details from the request to investigate, although they are marginally redacted.

The conclusion is quite damning. As we’ve heard before:

“Physical inspection of the sample “genuine” Classic Green rifles and “bogus” Classic Green rifles revealed no significant differences and established both kinds of rifles as following the SG550 design, and not the SG540 design.”

If you’re looking for the full text, complete with historical articles from US publications, internal SAN documents, and an entire distributor catalog, you can find it right here:

RCMP Full Swiss Arms Classic Green Investigation


Crimson Trace 3 Gun Midnight Invitational TV-PressPass

Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun: I Will Be There

There are only so many blog posts that can be written about the Crimson Trace Midnight match without using “shot in the dark” or “lights out” or similar “moons out goons out” phrases.

But the heart of it is: this looks like a really cool shoot, and I’m really excited to be participating.

Starting in 2012, the light & laser masters at Crimson Trace have hosted a 3 Gun match in Bend, Oregon. The entire event runs from sun-set to 3 am, which certainly ups the challenge.

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TV-PressPass MGM Ironman 2014 Zipline

MGM Ironman 2014 AAR: I Didn’t Die!

I’m back! And finally decompressing from the amazing 3 Gun shoot that is the MGM Ironman. This was my first year at Ironman, and my second officiated 3 Gun shoot.

The short of it:

I’ve never run my guns so hard, experienced so much shooting stress, or had so much fun.

I find first person clips of entire stages are pretty boring if you’re not the guy who shot them, but here’s a highlight reel of some of the best moments from MGM Ironman 2014!

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RCMP Briefing to the Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney

The RCMP’s briefing to the Public Safety Minister regarding the Swiss Arms reclassification has been retrieved and published by the CBC. There is a particularly interesting segment of “strategic considerations.” I would encourage all Canadian gun owners to read this document carefully, as it is at least one of the documents that led to this decision. Note some of the key names have been redacted, but little else.




Tasmanian Tiger Trojan Rifle Carrier Pack

Introduction to the Tasmanian Tiger Trojan Rifle Carrier Pack

Rifle packs are a great way to carry a gun, especially if you’re climbing up trails and over hills.

I’ve been using various carriers for years, but at the start of 2014 I received a new and unique system: the Tasmanian Tiger Trojan.

The Trojan has a lot to offer as a rifle carrier, and after a few months of using it I can see myself retiring some of my older packs.

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