Swiss Arms Classic Green RCMP Complete Report PDF

Swiss Arms Classic Green: Full RCMP Report

Now that a basic amnesty is in place and a new Common Sense Firearms Act is in its infancy, the RCMP have responded to a Freedom of Information Request by reddit user Adipose Fin and published over 200 pages of information relating to their investigation and reclassification of the SAN rifles.

Both William Etter and Murray A. Smith from the RCMP have documents in the report, which paint a picture of their investigations into the history of SAN and how the initial import of Classic Green rifles happened. There are also details from the request to investigate, although they are marginally redacted.

The conclusion is quite damning. As we’ve heard before:

“Physical inspection of the sample “genuine” Classic Green rifles and “bogus” Classic Green rifles revealed no significant differences and established both kinds of rifles as following the SG550 design, and not the SG540 design.”

If you’re looking for the full text, complete with historical articles from US publications, internal SAN documents, and an entire distributor¬†catalog, you can find it right here:

RCMP Full Swiss Arms Classic Green Investigation


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  • James Bachynsky

    Given the allegations that were levelled against my business, the report goes along way towards vindicating CSC. As noted above there where no significant differences between receivers. But also, it was alleged that our rifle “was missing the internal parts added to retail/commercial rifles to further prevent C/A conversions”.
    The report includes comparison photos of all tested guns and as we expected our rifle proved to have all the same features as the control guns. However interestingly enough JR provided one control rifle which had a full auto sear cutout in the receiver rail. This is why the RCMP currently believe that there are issues with C/A rifles. However due to the allegations he made, many people still accuse our company of importing C/A guns.

    The issue of “lineage” has been brought up repeatedly by JR as well. Page 45 clearly states however that identical guns are still identical guns, “it is the nature of the final product not the manufacturing process employed to create it” that matters. This should be obvious to all, but is still one of the claims being used to defame our company.