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Inside the New Faculty – Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights

A Conversation with Tracey Wilson VP of PR for the CCFR – Part 1.

Words by: Wally F.     Photos by: CCFR, Tracey Wilson, and Shaun Arntsen


……….I recently had the great pleasure of having an extended conversation with Tracey Wilson. Tracey is the Vice President of Public Relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights or CCFR for short. The CCFR is an organization dedicated to giving Canadian firearms owners a voice in government and advocating for responsible and reasonable legislation for law abiding owners to continue to hunt, compete, and training in shooting sports.

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WRAS 3 Gun TV-PressPass LAK12 Puma

First 3-Gun of 2015! WRAS March 28th AAR

Wild Rose Action Shooters’ first 3-Gun of the season was a 5 stage event at Spruce Grove range just west of Edmonton. On the drive up I was worrying about the ground being a Passchendale-grade mess, and while there were a few mucky spots during resets, the course itself was dry and solid.

I had an interesting shoot with my MKA 1919 suffering a critical failure after two trigger pulls. (Critical, not catastrophic, more on that later.)

There were some nice “shooters choice” opportunities at this event. Nothing bugs me like a 3-Gun stage that’s written like a theater director reading a script. Here there was some looseness in the stages that boiled down to “These are your targets, where your feet can be, and what gun you need to shoot them with. How you get from A to B is up to you.”
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TV-PressPass MGM Ironman 2014 Zipline

MGM Ironman 2014 AAR: I Didn’t Die!

I’m back! And finally decompressing from the amazing 3 Gun shoot that is the MGM Ironman. This was my first year at Ironman, and my second officiated 3 Gun shoot.

The short of it:

I’ve never run my guns so hard, experienced so much shooting stress, or had so much fun.

I find first person clips of entire stages are pretty boring if you’re not the guy who shot them, but here’s a highlight reel of some of the best moments from MGM Ironman 2014!

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Practical Not Tactical: War-Belts Outside of War

This post is looking at two different load-bearing setups I’ve experimented with over the course of a year, using the same kit in two very different applications.

At the core of this is the war-belt, also known as a battle-belt. This padded belt traditionally integrated into a soldier’s load bearing system. It carries rifle magazines, first aid kits, and all manner of necessary equipment when on patrol overseas or in any number of dangerous environments. However, the war-belt has found a life independent from the drop-loads, chest-rigs, plate-carriers, and assault-packs involved in a complete system.

I have two distinct setups built from Tasmanian Tiger’s Warrior Belt: one for the specific applications of 3-Gun, and one built to maximize flexibility outdoors between all kinds of firearms.
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3 Gun Intro

Introduction to Three Gun and the MGM Ironman

I didn’t think I’d have to write this post, but when I asked my local gun shop “dude-behind-the-counter” if he had any sights that were 3-gun appropriate he went all gold-fishy on me. I have to accept that not everyone is as wired into the shooting sports as I am.

The best way to get excited about Three Gun is to see it done! There are lots of videos online, but I’ve gathered some of my favorites here. Continue reading Introduction to Three Gun and the MGM Ironman