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FBI Contract Awarded to Winchester

9mm or .40 S&W? Which is it?

Words by: Wally F.          Photos by: Various Internet Sources


……….The Federal Bureau of Investigation today announced that Winchester Ammunition won a contract to supply .40 S&W ammo to their agency.  So after their exhaustive studies and tests advocating 9mm to be a better service round over .40 S&W and .45 ACP,  Winchester sent this release out today.

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FAMAE Family of Firearms: From the SAF Mini to the SG 542

FAMAE Family of firearmsThe FAMAE Firearms Family is a product of the Chilean state-owned manufacturing company Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército and the Swiss Arms company, formerly Sig Sauer. The Chileans have licensed the original Sig540 design to outfit their armed forces.

This platform from the 1970s has been adapted into many variants with specific weapons for military and police use. They cover every base: large 7.62×51 designated marksman rifles, solid 5.56 assault rifles, short barrelled paratrooper carbines, 9mm sub-machine guns, snub-nosed personal defense weapons, and even police-specific options chambered for the World War II .30 carbine round.

Some of the semi-auto variants are exported to Canada, where they find a welcome home in the gun-starved north.

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