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The North Sylva Report

2018 Looking Good For Imports

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Wally F.


……….North Sylva has been in the Canadian firearms scene for over 60 years. It’s said that one in five firearms sold in Canada are imported by them. Being a distributor for Colt Canada, H&K, IWI, FN America, KRISS, and a whole bunch of other manufacturers, I won’t touch on every single new thing coming up, but I’ll hit all the points folks hopefully are looking for. I’m not going to make you read all the way to the end of the article to get the answers to a whole bunch of peoples questions. IWI had a great booth at SHOT Show this year. There was a ton of talk around the TS-12 Semi-auto 15+1 shotgun, the Tavor 7 .308 battle rifle, and the Masada 9mm striker fire pistol (although not on display at SHOT).

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AACCA Calgary Gun Show Round Up

Surprised At This Years Gun Show

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Wally F.


……….In amongst the World War I and World War II memorabilia of cap badges, medals, flashes, and patches, the junky 20-30 year old army surplus offerings, out of towners, political, and lobby organizations populating the 1000+ tables at this years Calgary Gun Show, I found a few stand outs definitely worth mentioning, especially if you’re a Canadian firearms owner.

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Colt Canada Actively Seeking Small Arms Contract with Ukraine

A Possible 100,000 Colt Canada Small Arms Order in the Works

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: TV-PressPass, Various Internet Sources


……….With the United States hesitant to sign an arms deal with Ukraine as to not agitate the current Russian government, and Putin warning the US in September to not arm the Ukrainians, Canada is has stepped in to potentially help support the Ukrainian government in the area of arms supply.  In 2017 the Canadian government changed their arms export rules that now will allow shipments such as machine guns and other small arms to other countries on a case-by-case basis.

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Colt Canada IUR Video Review

Correction! The C9 LMG is made by FN, not Colt Canada. Derp.

Colt Canada, formerly Diemaco, has made a limited number of their monolithic uppers available to Canadian civilian shooters. I picked up one of their “blemished” units back in October and have had a great time shooting it.

These upper receivers that came to the civilian market were overrun from a military contract, possibly with the Danish Army. They were sold without charging handles or bolt carrier groups, but did feature a 15.7″ cold hammer forged barrel and a C9 flash-hider.

The IUR is part of the C7/C8 upgrade program and offers a free floated barrel and rock solid handguard for mounting accessories and optics. We did see a new M-LOK version called the MRR at Shot Show 2016. Complete versions of the Modular Railed Rifle are expected to be available to Canadian civilian shooters this summer.

The Colt Canada IUR: My Current Obsession

Just when I thought I didn’t need another AR-15 variant in the safe, the Colt Canada IUR goes on sale.

If you’re not familiar, Colt Canada was formerly Diemaco, and produces the light arms issued to the Canadian Forces. As a result, they make interesting milspec guns, and have done very little with civilian sales until 2015. Back in February they released the SA20 and SA15.7, which are semi-auto versions of the C7 and C8 rifles, along with a handful of IURs.


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