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Norinco Type 81 Review

Almost but Not Quite an AK

Guest Reviewer: Shaun Arntsen’s take on the Type 81

Words By: Shaun Arntsen          Photos By: Shaun Arntsen / Wally F.


……….I had the opportunity to review Tactical Imports new Norinco Type 81 the last week. Over all I was impressed by the over all function and design of the rifle…

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Wolverine Supplies is Bringing Some New Hotness Back To An Oldie

Kodiak Defence WK180C Aiming To Cure Your Summer Time Blues

Words by: Wally F.          Photos by: Wally F.


……….In America in late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Armalite AR-18 design was powered off of a short-stroke gas piston system that allowed for a very compact build that had recoil springs in the receiver instead of in the butt stock. This allowed for folding stocks to shorten it’s overall length but still function properly. In 2003 ArmaLite introduced a model featuring a polymer lower receiver, this rifle the AR-180-B, accepted AR-15 trigger groups, magazine releases, and magazines. The AR-180-B received poor sales worldwide and wasn’t adopted readily, as a result in 2007 production was discontinued.

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Firing on All Cylinders for Maccabee Defense

Production in Full Swing for the SLR-Multi Caliber Rifles

Words by: Wally F.         Photos by: Maccabee Defense Inc.


……….Throughout the years up here in Canada there have been many promises made to creating an AR style rifle that would be in the non-restricted category.  There have been a few successes but at an extremely high cost when filtered down to the consumer level.  Enter Maccabee Defense.

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