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WRAS 3 Gun TV-PressPass LAK12 Puma

First 3-Gun of 2015! WRAS March 28th AAR

Wild Rose Action Shooters’ first 3-Gun of the season was a 5 stage event at Spruce Grove range just west of Edmonton. On the drive up I was worrying about the ground being a Passchendale-grade mess, and while there were a few mucky spots during resets, the course itself was dry and solid.

I had an interesting shoot with my MKA 1919 suffering a critical failure after two trigger pulls. (Critical, not catastrophic, more on that later.)

There were some nice “shooters choice” opportunities at this event. Nothing bugs me like a 3-Gun stage that’s written like a theater director reading a script. Here there was some looseness in the stages that boiled down to “These are your targets, where your feet can be, and what gun you need to shoot them with. How you get from A to B is up to you.”
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Shotgun Speed Loads: Fabarm Martial 12 gauge and a Magpul CTR MIAD combo

This was something I really wanted to build. Do up my short barreled Fabarm Martial Ultrashort with a full suite of Magpul furniture. I started with a foliage green MIAD grip and CTR stock. The 870-AR adapter I used meant that I had to keep the straight grips rather than a swelled back strap or anything like that.

For a long time I was perfectly happy to shoot this shotgun this way. But these days I’m feeling a little more inclined towards lightweight options.

Fabarm Martial 12g Ultrashort with a 14″ Barrel, Magpul MIAD grip and CTR stock

My Fabarm has been a long running project for me. I first picked up the Martial ultrashort on a discount from the Calgary Shooting Center, and have done several tweaks and conversions on it.

While Fabarm SDASS guns are of a higher quality than a traditional Remington 870, that also means they do not accept standard 870 accessories. But by using an S&J sling plate adaptor and one of their 870-AR stock adaptor’s I could get everything running together on there.