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This page is a central home for all the different parts of me pasted up on the internet. This is the core blog, the main source, where everything links up. While I post under the username TV-PressPass, my real name is Edward Osborne.

I’m a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. I’ve done embedded exercises with the Armed Forces, interviewed “security analysts” misrepresenting themselves as ex-SAS, and specialize in coverage of one of the more unique combat rifles out there: Israel’s TAR-21 Tavor.

I keep busy with my day job doing content marketing and the social media campaigns for Scout Basecamp electro-optics, and have a great time doing it.

My Mission: To bring information on unique firearms from outside North America to the world, and to inform the Canadian shooting community on national firearms news and sporting events.

My Current Competition Equipment:

  • Tavor 21 rifle with Ares Armor brake, Vortex Razor 1-6,
  • Akdal Mka 1919 shotgun with Vortex Razor Reddot
  • Jericho 941 in 9mm
  • Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt

My Current Sponsors:

  • Product Expert on Scout Basecamp.com and .ca
  • Field Staff (tactical) at Vortex Canada
  • Invited to the MGM Ironman by FLIR Personal Vision Systems
  • Canadian Field Tester for Tasmanian Tiger
  • Canadian Liaison for Zahal.org

Feel free to contact me.

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Youtube is the most work, but some of the best fun. There are lots of things that are easiest to communicate through video. Some of my favourite reviews and explanations are on here. Plus you could see some of my earliest and silliest moments from way back if you’re looking for dirt on me.

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I suppose I should also list my google plus in here. But that will have to wait till later in 2015