TVPP Returns to Canada

Back in the Saddle…

You may have noticed a trickle of posts across the etherweb, hinting at what I can now happily confirm: I am back in Canada, and I am writing again.

It has been 531 days and about 84,000 km since I last discharged a firearm.

I have recovered many of my belongings, and with our icy hemisphere finally swinging back toward the sun, I’m excited to get out on the range again.

The time and space away has certainly affected my muscle memories, but created some new and wonderful memories too. I like to hope it’s offered a degree of perspective.

I’d say Wally’s been doing a bang-up job with the site, and am keen to see him continue producing content and offering his mindset on the shooting world.

My personal goal is to be less gear and news focused, and more reflective on specific concepts and experiences. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be trading reviews for navel-gazing

I’m excited to say that TV-PressPass has produced it’s first ever run of patches. They’re stitched by PatchPanel and we’ve given some out to a few special people already. We’re not likely to sell anything just yet, but there are a few ways he have of getting them into your hands. More on that soon.

TVPP Patch

As for this site: I still have lots of things to say about firearms and the outdoors. And I suspect you do too. This year we’re going to be opening the gates for more guest writers, because I think there’s still lots of voices looking for a place to be heard.

When I wrote for The Firearm Blog, I loved the motto “Firearms Not Politics.” But I’m not sure what being apolitical really means anymore. Even not-taking-a-stance is in itself a kind of stance. My goal is for our coverage to be politically aware, but not politically obsessed, particularly with it being an election year.

Above all, this site is a space for Canadian adventurers to talk about all the tools and practice of the outdoors. We live in a majestic place, and I want us as a nation to experience and protect it.

It’s good to be home, and I’m delighted to finally have Susy here with me.


Alberta, Canada: The perfect place to play with black rifles, tactical shotguns, and all manner of other fun gear. Plenty of wilderness, and plenty of toys to try out.