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Colt Canada Actively Seeking Small Arms Contract with Ukraine

A Possible 100,000 Colt Canada Small Arms Order in the Works

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: TV-PressPass, Various Internet Sources


……….With the United States hesitant to sign an arms deal with Ukraine as to not agitate the current Russian government, and Putin warning the US in September to not arm the Ukrainians, Canada is has stepped in to potentially help support the Ukrainian government in the area of arms supply.  In 2017 the Canadian government changed their arms export rules that now will allow shipments such as machine guns and other small arms to other countries on a case-by-case basis.

……….Managers at Colt Canada had meetings in January with Ukrainian officials about signing an arms trade deal that could potentially see up to 100,000 units of Colt Canada built products shipped out to the eastern European country.  This meeting is a follow up to the one that Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan had with his counterpart Stepan Poltorak last summer.

……….This potential deal is a strong signal that NATO allies are continuing to support each other, including potential candidate countries.  Ukraine’s current bid to enter NATO is contingent on defense reform that with Colt Canada’s pending deal and what the United States has planned as well in support of Ukraine bodes well for their potential entry in the organization in the near future.

……….Right now Canada has a stock pile of support and arms, to the tune of $10 million which includes: 60mm mortars, Carl Gustav 84mm recoiless rifles, .50-calibre sniper rifles equipped with suppressors, C8 Carbines, grenade launchers, pistols, thermal binoculars, cameras, scopes and medical supplies sitting in a warehouse in Montreal.  All these supplies were originally slated to go to the Kurds in their fight against ISIS/ISIL but were never shipped, and is a null point now.  These supplies speculatively all could be diverted to the Ukrainians instead to assist in their defense reform and bid for NATO entry.

……….TV-PressPass will keep and ear on the ground and eye in the sky on this Colt Canada deal.  This deal could help keep this Canadian firearms company alive and thriving where other larger companies are are failing such as Remington in the US.


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