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Digital Trigger: Welcome to the Future

The saga of the 3rd safety position continues, with Digitrigger announcing their new hybrid digital and mechanical system.

They’ve got two announcement videos, one with lots of content and one with lots of shooting, but here’s the core concept of the setup:

Your safe is still safe, your semi is still a strictly mechanical milspec trigger pull, but your third safety position puts the trigger into digital mode. In digital mode, the grip safety must be engaged, and the trigger pull is ~1lb with no take up. You can also set the digital mode to a “shot on pull” and “shot on release” mode.

If you’re on the Push & Release mode, and don’t want to fire that second shot, holding the trigger depressed for six seconds stop that followup shot from being discharged.

So the digital system is battery powered, the the two buttons on the rear of the grip set your single shot or Push & Release mode. The grip safety also has to be engaged before the trigger in pulled in order for the gun to fire.

I’m sure the ATF is wetting their pants right now, but this isn’t all that dissimilar from the Push & Release mechanical triggers we’ve seen before.

Currently we’ve got no MSRP, and no official release date, although there is a mailing list signup open. It looks like the company made their first online appearance as recently as November 7th this year. I’d bet my month’s earnings that we’ll be hearing more about this system at Shot Show 2017.

What do you think users? This definitely strikes me as a different look at the “electronic smart gun” concept. I appreciate that the core mechanical system of a proper trigger is retained, but I can just imagine people trying to hack these apart and enable a true full auto mode. Or who knows, maybe in 2017 we’ll see a repeal of the Hughes Amendment and a firmware update pushed live to all these guns enabling full-auto fun-times. A man can dream…

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