Fab Defense KPOS Scout Review: A Lot of Fun in a Small Package

Words By: Wally F.     Photos By: Wally F.

……….My friends across the pond and through the desert over at Zahal sent over a fantastic little gem for me to play around with. The Fab Defense KPOS Scout.

……….I spent a good and long time with this kit and I had a lot of fun with it. The KPOS Scout is the next iteration of Fab Defense’s KPOS line of Pistol Calibre to Carbine upgrade kits. Having used the original KPOS G2 with an IWI Jericho 941 I was actually not a big fan of it at all several years ago. The original KPOS G2 was mostly aluminum with a lot of tension locks to hold the pistol inside the frame. To me it was a pain to install the pistol and take it out of the G2 for maintenance.

……….The new KPOS Scout has pretty much rectified all the issues I had with the KPOS G2 and added quite a few new features for ease of use and fast deployment. The front hand grip with integrated trigger guard is the same from the KPOS G2 and it was a good call on Fab Defense’s part to keep it. It’s an innovative design feature and has good practical purpose of covering the pistols trigger from accidental snags which could lead to a possible negligent discharge especially if you are concealing your KPOS Scout.

……….The installation of my Glock 17 into the KPOS Scout was beyond easy and literally took 5 seconds. Line up the back of the Glock with the shoulder stock when it’s extended to the rear, make sure the barrels lines up with the front and push the shoulder stock forward until you hear it click into place. There’s no installation from the front at an angle and then jiggling the pistol into place so you can spin the tightening lever to lock it into place.  That being said at least you don’t need to install add-on charging handle to the pistol before installing into the kit like you would with the CAA RONI.

 ……….As with the G2 the Scout also has a folding shoulder stock. The Scouts folding stock is polymer unlike the originals aluminum one and very reminiscent of Fab Defense’s GL-Core AR-15 butt stock, it definitely has taken design cues from it. While both stocks are easily deployed with just a grab and swing into place with a satisfying click the Scout has a nice big and beefy texture button on the left side to press when you want to fold the stock along it’s right side. In contrast to the KPOS G2 where you have to press up on the bottom of the hinge point where a key ring styled loop is to fold the stock back to the right side the new Scout is much more user friendly.

……….Speaking of the key ring swivel on the G2, it has now been replaced with a QD slot which is much more useful in the type of slings and attachments that you want to use with the Scout. That being said, the the single point sling the comes with the KPOS Scout works pretty well and never found a need to switch out with anything else.

……….A great update to the design is the elimination of full side rails to just a four slot pictinny rail on each side with a textured thumb rest. The thumb rest lines up nicely with the front hand grip and forces you to hold the KPOS properly so you don’t accidentally flag you support hand in front of the short muzzle, after all you are essentially still shooting a pistol.

……….I shot the KPOS Scout with iron sights as well with a Vortex Sparc mounted. As long as you keep in mind that your height over bore is pretty high, in my case almost three inches. As long you factor offset especially if you’re shooting in a CQB environment you are good to go.

……….Firing at the 7, 10, and 25 metre distances the KPOS Scout definitely helped dial in my groupings on the Glock. The red dot helped with fast sight acquisition and recoil pretty much disappeared when shouldering the Scout. While I had fun diagnosing my shots on an indoor range and plinking at the outdoor range, I always like to watch other shooters work the gear as well. I brought the KPOS Scout out on an invitation only executive protection course with military and LEOs and had one of the candidates try out the KPOS Scout on the government leased range with a 50 round drum and extended stick magazines. The candidate ran the Scout like a champ and was slaying steel with speed easily all the way out to 25+ metres without dropping shots. His comments were “You really can’t miss with this thing.”

……….On top of an aesthetically pleasing upgrade to the overall design and improvements on the install of the pistol, the folding shoulder stock, QD swivel mount, thumb rest on the shortened side picatinny rails, and a larger charging handle, the KPOS replaced much of the aluminum all round build with high impact polymer to save weight, but left the main receiver and rails metal as it should be.

……….I had a tremendous amount of fun using the KPOS Scout. It’s easy to install a pistol into, setup and deploy right away. If you could add a Lone Wolf 6 or 9 inch barrel to your Glock along with a KPOS Scout kit and RDS you’d have a nice lean and mean PCC package that is compact and low profile. The KPOS Scout can breathe some new life into your pistol if you’ve been bored shooting your secondary, and the cost for getting into one is significantly less than say a CZ Scorpion EVO3 or a Sig Sauer MPX. Overall I am very pleased with Fab Defense has done with this latest version of the KPOS, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with down the line.  Be sure to hit up Fab Defense or Zahal‘s websites if you want to pick up a KPOS Scout for yourself to try out!

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