Firing on All Cylinders for Maccabee Defense

Production in Full Swing for the SLR-Multi Caliber Rifles

Words by: Wally F.         Photos by: Maccabee Defense Inc.


……….Throughout the years up here in Canada there have been many promises made to creating an AR style rifle that would be in the non-restricted category.  There have been a few successes but at an extremely high cost when filtered down to the consumer level.  Enter Maccabee Defense.

……….A Canadian manufacturer with strong ties to Israel as attributed to their company name Maccabee Defense Inc. distributes Gilboa rifles and the Corner Shot both Israeli weapon systems as well as manufacturing their own products such as the Self-Loading Rifle or SLR for short.

……….The SLR is a non-restricted custom designed rifle that is compatible with AR-15 lower parts kits (LPK).  Designed from the ground up  and submitted to the R.C.M.P. for classification is was tested and evaluated.  The SLR was given non-restricted status.

……….Since the classification, Maccabee has been busy in production to meet orders to at least five Canadian retailers across the country.  Running their shop twenty-four seven to push out as many SLRs as possible Maccabee is making this all possible fairly quickly at a very competitive price point starting at roughly $1000 CDN and up from there depending on the build you want.  For a quality non-restricted semi-auto rifle, the question isn’t if, it’s when are you going to get one of these rifles?

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