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IWI to Debut the TS12 Bullpup Shotgun

The Invasion of Klendathu is Coming Closer to Reality! Would you like to Know More?

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Various Internet Sources


……….Ahead of SHOT Show IWI has started dropping information on their foray into shotgun territory with the TS12.  And it’s looking like they’re going with a beefy bullpup design bordering on science fiction of the Robert A. Heinlein kind.  You know what, it’s not bad at all.  How else are you going to avenge the destruction of Buenos Aires?

……….IWI has always built weapons with forward thinking in mind.  With the Tavor 7 and the Masada pistol fresh in their line up for this year.  The TS12 is a bullpup, semi-automatic, TWENTY-SIX round shotgun.


  • Gas regulated
  • 15+1 max capacity
  • Right or left ejection
  • Automatically feed a round into the chamber
  • Four sling mounts
  • MLOK compatible rail
  • Picantinny optics rail
  • Benelli/Beretta choke tube compatibility
  • 18.5” Barrel
  • OAL 28.35”
  • 2.5kg (5.5lbs) unloaded
  • Cross bolt safety
  • “Bullhead” Bolt locking system
  • MSRP: $1,399 USD


……….With a 3 rotating magazine tube, the system is gas operated and the ejection port can be setup to go left or right like the Tavor.  Has built in MLOK accessory attachment points,  has a Beretta and Benelli choke tube compatibility, and a 1913 rail for mounting sights and optics.  Depending on the type of shells loaded you can have around 3lbs of ammunition loaded to the 5.5 pound unloaded weight of the TS12, which is hefty but within the similar weight category of the Kel-Tec KSG.

……….I already have an interview lined up with IWI US at SHOT Show.  So rest assured I’ll get more information on the TS12 along with the Tavor 7 and the Masada.



“Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.” – Robert A. Heinlein


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