Korth Group Launches Eley Barrel Testing Facility

Competition and Olympic Shooters Have a Homegrown Solution

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Korth Group

……….Anyone in the biathlon and Olympic shooting scene will already be familiar with the Eley brand of ammunition.  Eley has won more Olympics than all other ammo manufacturers combined.

……….Korth Group in southern Alberta has launched their barrel test facility in-house.  For athletes that want to get their competition rifles properly tuned, tested, and dialed in now have a made in Canada solution.  For biatheletes that regularly train in Canmore, Korth Group is just a hop an skip away.

Finally, for first time ever, Canada now has an ELEY Barrel test facility.  After a very successful launch last Friday, we are ready to go to the market and offer the service.

Depending on your club, interest level, social media, etc, I would ask you to post this anywhere and everywhere you think people maybe interested.  We will have some challenges over the next year as we develop slave stocks to accommodate the variety of actions and barrels that come to us.  This will evolve as we learn more about the Canadian Market and where the interest lies.  But we are currently set up to do most Anschutz, Pardini, FWB and a few more models.  We will put together a formal list of current actions to share with interested parties.

I would encourage any interested party to contact our office.   We can then ask the right questions and set the person up accordingly.  This process will evolve as we smooth it out and find efficiencies in our administration of the service.

We have already had several inquiries from all over Canada based on our limited exposure and launch.

Feel free to contact myself anytime should you wish to discuss further.

……….If you want to learn more yourself or send more info to a biathlon competitor send all requests to: Troy Flasch, Director of Business Development, Korth Group, 587-757-0091.

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