Mission First Tactical – AR Carbine Tekko Drop-In Rail System Review

Team MF’er Has Another Winner

Words by: Wally F.          Photos by: Wally F.


……….Mission First Tactical has been making purpose built firearms accessories for quite a while now.  I believe they have lead the pack lately in the area of no-mod, zero gunsmithing, drop-in turn-key products.  MFT’s selection of drop-in hand-guards is like a rolling Dim-Sum cart of variety.

……….MFT produces a plethora of products from trigger guards, rifle stocks, sling mounts, grips, rail systems, muzzle devices, holsters, and much more.  From their TMARCKRS Aluminum drop-in rail systems to their free floating aluminum key-mod rails, and their Tekko polymer drop-in hand guards, there is no shortage of variety and choice.  The availability of MFT products in Canada has been some what limited, but if you look hard enough you can usually find what you need.  So I was fairly fortunate to have the Tekko Polymer AR15 Carbine 7″ Drop In M-Lok Rail System cross my desk recently.

……….Along with the Tekko I also had an MFT Minimalist butt-stock and an MFT REACT Short Grip.  So I thought I would give the TV-PressPass SBR a little make-over.




……….So the SBR had a MagPul MOE SL drop in M-LOK hand guard, MOE AR Butt stock, and an M-LOK MVG Vert Grip.  So, old and busted is out and enter the the new hotness.



……….With the break down of the rifle and parts yanked off.  The overall process was about two minutes.  90 seconds of which was trying the pry the old hand-guards off of the slightly out of spec Chinese made upper receiver.



……….Working from back to front I now installed the MFT Minimalist Stock.  With it’s iconic L shaped and neutral to slightly convex rubberized shoulder pad, you can’t mistake this butt stock for anyone else’s.  It makes rolling the the rifle in and out of the shoulder a natural second thought. It’s lighter in weight but doesn’t sacrifice rigidity or function, it is solid.


……….Next up was ditching the old hand guard and installing the Tekko rail system then the vertical grip.  The Tekko slid into the front cap and over the delta ring with little to no issues.

……….It probably took me more time to line up and tighten the M-LOK 1913 adapter to the bottom of the hand guard and install the REACT short grip than the whole process put together.






……….The REACT short grip is a no frills stubby vertical grip with just the right amount of material to grab on to and is cut in just enough to index the web of your hand into a high hold.  There are four inset slots cut into the front and back of the grip in addition to stippling for a better hold when wet.  There is also a rubberized water sealed cap on the bottom for battery storage of two AA or three AAA and two CR123’s.


……….On the rear left side of the Tekko on the top half of the rail system is a QD slot.  Although the Tekko itself is polymer the QD slot is aluminum and can take the torque and stress of regular sling usage.  It’s a good natural position for the QD slot.  I’d like see an option for left handed users and maybe a QD slot towards the front the rail system as well like the metal version of this Tekko but I understand the need to reduce production costs and overhead.

……….The front of the Tekko is where I believe the genius of the design of this rail system is all about.  The raised notch just behind the A2 front sight and the downward curved hand stop on the bottom is a natural index point for those type of shooters that employ the thumb over bore grip with their support hand.  What that downward curve also does is it leaves ample space where the bayonet lug is to fix bayonets should you so desire to engage in an open field charge towards glory.


……….The majority of the rail system has a wavy ridged pattern for grip.  There are an ample amount of M-LOK slots at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 O’clock positions to mount whatever your heart desires.



……….The overall fit and finish of the Tekko rail system is tight, functional, and doesn’t look stock.  It has a nice natural aggressive look and is a great update to anyone’s carbine or SBR from the original plain circular hand guards that usually come with these type of AR rifles.  The Tekko Polymer AR15 Carbine 7″ Drop In M-Lok Rail System is a great and cost effective upgrade to your carbine.  It something different from the usual offerings out there and it is functional first and foremost.  Go pick one up if you have a chance.


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