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Reflex Magazine Insert – First Impressions

Words by: Wally F. Photos by: Wally F.

A made in Canada solution to a Canadian quirk with the CAF TacVest. I thought this product is a good introduction to making your issued equipment from the CAF less sucky. If you’re new to the Canadian military, or your chain of command doesn’t allow you to use non-issued LBV when in the field then the Reflex Magazine Insert (RMI) is a strong step in the right direction to making your TacVest more useful.

A kydex insert that fits inside your magazine pouch on the CAF TacVest, it is a magazine retention system that does away with the flap buckle Velcro combo on the original TacVest. There is no modification needed on the TacVest so you’re not altering the “Queens Kit”.

Reflex Mag Insert ready to go right out of the box. It’s about as turnkey as you can get.

Installation of the insert is so simple even a no-hook private can do it. You fold the buckle of your mag pouch up so it is behind the strap and then you push the buckle and the flap down inside the magazine pouch as flush as you can get it. Then you slide the Reflex Magazine Insert into the magazine pouch and push the integrated male swift clip on the RMI into the female swift clip on the TacVest’s magazine pouch. Repeat three more times and your installation is complete.

Fold and tuck the existing TacVest Mag pouch buckle inside the Mag pouch.

Insert magazines into the RMI and you’re good to go. The retention is very positive and draw and replacing the mags back into the mag pouches are lightning fast. The RMI holds the shape of the mag pouch and the kydex makes the draw smooth and fast. I tried STANG magazines in the RMI because that’s what the army issues and they work like a charm.

RMI beside a mag pouch on the left and one installed with a magazine inserted on the right.

Additionally I tried Pmags, Troy, Beowolf, and MFT magazines and they all work the same as well. If you reference the VIDEO I took of me testing the retention the magazines stayed in place very well. Granted the magazines only had five rounds in them each, because Canada. Never-the-less I took the TacVest flipped it upside down and shook it pretty hard and fast and the magazines stayed in place. I imagine with full 30 round loads the results may change. That being said if you’re caught in a situation where you’re wearing your TacVest and are upside down being violently shook, I’m thinking magazine retention at that point is not at the top of your list of things to deal with.

The Reflex Mag insert can even make your TacVest look good.

Over all my first impressions of the RMI are very positive, just like it’s retention. Like I said at the beginning of the article if you’re a new troop or your unit/regiment doesn’t authorize non-issued kit, the Reflex Magazine Insert should definitely be on your Christmas list.

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