Shot Show 2019
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Shot Show 2019 Starts Here

All this week we’ll be publishing content from the floor of Shot Show 2019. Wally F has boots on the ground at Nellis Airforce Base, getting his mitts on some shiny new guns. I on the other-hand am providing “eye in the sky” support to make sure the thoughts and images are served up sizzling hot for you dear reader.

So keep an eye out, as the entire crazy mess that is the shooting world descends on Las Vegas for another session of new gear, wild parties, and vigorous elbow rubbing.

Increasingly I feel like the true value of Shot Show isn’t in the new product announcements, or the yearly stocking orders, but in the wider concept of gathering the shooting industry under one roof to talk about the sport. I used to bypass the NSSF and other lecture events, in favor of new kit and marching through booths, but from a personal perspective I now find I want to hear more about who’s shooting what and how, than what a particular company wants to sell me this year.

That said: I reserve the right to get excited when someone launches an unexpectedly weird firearm combo and the internet lights on fire. Will this finally be the year we transition from “refining the platform” to “revolutionizing small arms?” We’ll have to wait and see.

Alberta, Canada: The perfect place to play with black rifles, tactical shotguns, and all manner of other fun gear. Plenty of wilderness, and plenty of toys to try out.