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Slice of SHOT Show – Coyote Tactical Solutions

Words By: Wally F. – Photos by: Wally F.

In a nondescript out of the way corner of SHOT Show this year surrounded by ugly casino patterned carpet away from the glammy and glittery main areas of show floor was where a place where you weren’t constantly being slammed in the shins by roller carts and under eminent threat of the SHOT plague; was where Coyote Tactical Solutions (CTS) resided, on the top floor of the show.

Based out of south Florida and dedicated to making all their products in the U.S. Of A. Specializing in medical carriage products among other things, they aren’t the first people to make a better IFAK but their designs are designed so elegantly simple and easy to use you can’t help but appreciate the thought put behind the products.

Coyote Tactical Solutions S.T.O.M.P.

For most untrained people being put under even the most minimal amounts of stress can lock them into a frozen state from reacting. Doing simple things like dialing 911 on your smartphone gets hard. Now imagine an officer down, your battle buddy taking shrapnel from a mortar, or being in a car wreck. You have to dispense immediate aid and stabilize yourself or your patient for BLS even before transport somewhere with ALS. So why would you mess around with a generic zipper pouch with your medical supplies crammed into it? This is where CTS and their products come in.

After a long conversation with their team, I got a very good breakdown of their latest products on the market already: The Modular Abdominal Pouch (MAP), The BURRITO a mini medical kit that is fairly versatile, the Slim Tear Off Medical Pouch (STOMP), and a couple other gems.

S.T.O.M.P. stocked with North American Rescue Medical Supplies
S.T.O.M.P. rear view of the Molle mounted hook and loop tear away base

The Modular Abdominal Pouch is the latest in a line of tactical fanny packs that seems to en vogue right now. The MAP though isn’t following a trend so much as innovating on an idea of good placement of medical supplies in a centralized area on the body and out in front where it’s accessible. The MAP has a compartment to slot in a ballistic hard plate giving you protection for your pelvic cradle. Designed to drop open at a full 180 degrees or tray style at 90 depending on need, you can dispense your medical supplies like a Vegas cigarette girl. On the inside of the pouch you can hot swap five different types of elastic inserts so you can tailor your load-out and placement within the MAP. At the bottom of the MAP are two external elastic loops to mount your choice of tourniquets to it can handle them all.

M.A.P. with C.A.T. attached below the pouch

If you want something not quite as robust as the MAP and are more concerned about speed of deployment, just the right size, and ease of use the Slim Tear Off Medical Pouch or STOMP might be more your jam. A smaller flatter IFAK that is belt mountable but is secured via molle mounted Velcro and buckle system so you can pull the whole pouch off the mount and lay out your supplies. Like the MAP the STOMP also has an underbelly TQ holder on the outside.

M.A.P. Fully Loaded

The BURRITO, small form factor, very simple, and very secure. Nothing is held in by elastics. The fold over Velcro design of the BURITTO allows for a secure hold of you medical supplies inside it and quickly deploy it when you need to. At roughly the same as an AR magazine, can mount the BURITTO horizontally or vertically depending how packed your belt line or plate carrier space is like.

Better than a taco the BURRITO is a fast deployable IFAK carrier
Coyote Tactical Solutions President displaying his best side with the BURRITO

Another product that caught my eye was their Breach Pen carriers. In single and triple pen holders, you can access the carrier from either end of the carrier for ease of access. Simple and to the point. The carrier should be releasing soon. The rest of Coyote Tactical Solutions are available now and they ship to Canada. What more can you ask for?

The yet to be released Breach Pen carrier

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