Slice of SHOT Show – Nightforce Optics

The NX8 1-8×24 F1 From Nightforce is a Beauty to look at and look through!

Words By: Wally F.          Photos By: Wally F. / Nightforce Optics


……….So one of the things I noticed this year with optics manufacturers is that they have improved production and reduce cost on building good quality glass for short/medium distance shooters.   Nightforce Optics is no different.  I took a good close look at the NX8 1-8×24 rifle scope.

……….While the name isn’t all that sexy and is light on vowels, another thing it is light on is weight.  Most people a SHOT Show this year were concentrating on Nightforce’s Advanced Tactical Riflescope or ATACR line of variable power optics I was looking at the NX8 1-8×24 scope.  Why you might ask?  It’s lighter smaller, I’d say the lightest rifle scope in it’s class at just 17 ounces and measuring in at 8.75 inches.  It is a powerful optic in a tight little package.

……….The NX8 is ridiculously light when you pick it up.  When you first look at it you would think that it’s just another 1-4 times powered scope, maybe 1-6 max.  Nope not even close.  At 8 times magnification visuals are clear and surprisingly bright, probably due to the shorter tube and light having to travel through less distance of glass.  Sliding from 1 times to 8 times power is smooth and very easy with their built in adjustment lever or what Nightforce calls their PTL – Power Throw Lever.  You unscrew it and attach it to any number of points on the magnification ring for your personal preference.  It’s a nice edition because up until this year a throw level on a variable magnification scope was always an extra accessory you had to purchase after the fact or cost extra.  I think the manufacturers are catching on now.

……….The illumination and windage dials are what you’d expect from a Nightforce optic, simple and durable.  Adjustments are true 0.2 Mil-Rad or 0.5 MOA.  In daylight the centre of the reticle is red and at 1x power you can pretty much use the NX8 like a RDS.  The brilliance of this scope is that the reticle is first focal plane.  This is one feature that I saw all over the show floor this year.  First focal plane reticles  are popping up on scopes everywhere and at very good price points.  First focal plane scopes help refine shooting attain much quicker hold overs with less calculation.


……….With the way Nightforce designed the reticle for their NX8 it is nothing short of genius in my opinion.  You’ll what I mean when you stare through it at 1x power and then yank the throw lever to 8x quickly.  Click on the photo below and zoom in to see what I mean.  For me this is a personal pick for my hidden little gem for optics at SHOT Show this year.  Super light weight, short, low profile, and very well engineered.  I’m kicking myself for not waiting a year.  For the price I paid for my Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 I could have picked up this beauty instead.

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