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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

It’s been too long! While I’ve been shooting lots, and keeping up with firearms news in Canada, I have to admit I haven’t been great at keeping this blog updated. So here’s a solid start at some new regular content.

What’s kept me away from the keyboard? Well a few things.

First, we took Zahal’s IDF Tavor course into the United States for the first time, and Lovie and I had an awesome time teaching US shooters how to use their rifles. I finally got some solid hands on time with the IWI US version of the X95, and it certainly does have some interesting things going on. Colorado is a gorgeous space, and we had a great group of students.


I’ve also been asked by the cool guys at TFB to start producing more videos for TFBTV. We’ll have to wait and see what that looks like, but I’m excited to be taking the videos a wider audience. You can see my Vz58 feature appearing there soon. What does that mean for my personal youtube? Well it means it will see less of the major content videos I make, more short shooting, and finally some political content.

Part of why I like writing for TFB is their motto of “Firearms, not politics.” But the trend this summer in Canada has me legitimately worried in a way I wasn’t when the Liberals came to power a year ago. I’m a member of multiple Canadian firearms organizations, and I think you should be too. I want to have a sensible discussion, and a place to express some of my personal concerns and thoughts about where we’re going. I’m hoping to do that through my personal youtube page this winter.

What else is coming up? In addition to the TFB projects, you can find my writing in the Canadian Firearms Journal. I’ve had an article in every issue of the NFA’s child-publication for the past year, and hopefully you find something of interest in its pages. I think it’s almost time to put together a Tavor retrospective looking at how the rifle’s grown and changed since I first bit the bullet 5 years ago and started shooting the bullpup.

The other reason I’ve been occasionally AWOL from the internet is that I’ve been doing some fantastic private contracting with the British Army. It’s not overly sensitive stuff, but it’s also not the kind of thing they encourage sharing online. At some point you might hear more about that, but really just be prepared for me to disappear sometimes and miss big stories as a result.

In the digital age, sometimes its really good to unplug and fall behind for a bit.


Alberta, Canada: The perfect place to play with black rifles, tactical shotguns, and all manner of other fun gear. Plenty of wilderness, and plenty of toys to try out.