Vz58 Pistol from RCMP Inspection Report
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When a Handgun Isn’t a Handgun: The Vz58 Pistol RCMP Report

In October 2013, with the help of Zahal.org, I imported a CSA Vz58 pistol and sought to register it with the RCMP.

After emails, phone-calls, and picture taking, the RCMP seemed totally befuddled as to what we had, and asked if they could take a look at it.

We sent it off, and 9 months later they claim to have figured it out.

I’ve attached a copy of the RCMP’s final report, warts and all:

Vz58 Handgun Inspection Report.pdf

I am disappointed to find that against all evidence, the RCMP has sought to shut out the Vz58 pistol.

Vz58 Pistol and Magazine

Apparently my Vz58 pistol is technically a handgun, but it is not a pure handgun. Instead it is a “handgun adaptation of a rifle” which means that my separately sourced magazine from Czech Republic is actually a rifle magazine, posing as a handgun magazine. There is no classification in Canadian law for a “handgun adaptation of a rifle.”

But: this is their argument behind, a 5 round capacity limitation. Apparently my Vz58 Pistol magazine is a prohibited device.

Honestly I find this pretty disheartening. I’ve had $1500 of my own money tied up in this gun for 9 months, and to have this ridiculous report come back is a slap in the face.

The interpretation of the law seems to vary wildly from firearm to firearm. An AR-15 pistol, like the Rock River Arms LAR or ATRS pistol, have a 10 round capacity, but the Vz family does not? This seems like more muddying of the “lineage” argument, which seems to ignore what things are in favour of what they “might have been.”

This seems like an unfortunate continuation of the RCMP’s targeting Cz858, Vz58, and Sa58 pattern rifles.

For the past 9 months we’ve had a micro-site up dedicated to the Vz58 pistol and answering questions about it: http://www.vz58pistol.ca/

I am currently exploring options with National Firearms organizations and media, but after 9 months I’m pretty sick of being strung along.

Vz58 Pistol Magazine
A Proprietary Vz58 Pistol Magazine

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