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XCR-M SBR Preview

All right, so I’ve been playing with a bunch of .308 gas guns lately. Hands down, the XCR-M is my favourite to shoot.

With the 13″ barrel they’re super light, and super handy. 10 rounds of .308 at your disposal will get the blood pumping.

It’s been years since I’d had real range time with an XCR, and I’d forgotten all the handy function stuff they’ve done as far as ambi-mag and bolt release, ambi safety, etc. I’d forgotten that they’re actually easier to disassemble than an AR too.

You don’t want to be the poor sucker beside it tasked with taking photos or holding the shot timer. It makes some noise and pumps out some concussion with that brake & barrel combo.


But for the shooter, it’s certainly not any more punishing than a pump-gun with target load. Ms TV-PressPass has no problem shooting it either, and she shies away from the M305 etc.

Compared to other .308 rifles I’ve shot in the past, this one feels right in the controls, and feels right in the weight. Everything is right where you look for it in terms of manipulations. And if I could magically convince the CFO that I really needed this lightweight backpacking gun out in the bush, I’d be happy to carry it all day. (And I am a skinny SOB who’s had some crap days carrying heavier guns way too far into the hills)

The addition of keymod has been a real benefit to the XCR platform. My biggest issue with the guns were how front heavy they were. This thing has none of that. Also, I learned that I infinitely prefer keymod over M-Lok. None of that t-nut silliness for me thank you.

I can’t speak to accuracy yet. I’ve only been at the 50 yard range having fun with the thing and getting familiar for the first hundred rounds.

The final note though is that this is a very limited role rifle. If you want one, it’s awesome. But I’m not about to talk anyone into replacing something in their safe with one. It’s an expensive gun, expensive to feed, and still restricted. But for Heavy Metal 3-Gun, it’s a solid solution. Particularly with commonly available 10 round mags.


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